‘No stitch, no story?’

I’ve been researching the history of fashion to see how important the quality of the making proces is, but also the importance of the aesthetic appeal of stitches and connections. Why do we use stitches and not a whole lot of other joining methods? Because if you analyse stitches, you will find a lot of obstacles. In fact with the needle you perforate the fabric so it is more likely to rupture and usually if a garment ruptures it is the stitch itself.

Creating my own stitching printer

For the next part of this project I am going to make my own stitching printer. The advantage of a regular sewing is the freedom to move your fabric by hand in almost every direction. This is something that is missing with a usual 3D printer. I want to combine a sewing machine with a 3D printer to create my own printing sewing machine, which creates the freedom to work on a sewing machine with the new techniques of the 3D printer.