How can textiles captivate new perceptions of Light and

time exploring and grasping the fleeting motion of Light?

The emphasis for my collection is light and light effects in it’s broadest sense. Light is all around us in many ways and forms. It is something we can’t live without, but at the same time it is something that is beyond our reach.

My collection thematises discovering, capturing, embedding and visualising different characteristics that light has to offer us. As the sun- and daylight
changes throughout the day, the apperance of the curtains transformes with it. This will result in a collection of curtains that look different at any moment of every day. The curtains are here for the visual translators of light and show us warmth, shadows,
movement and colors. These effects transform the curtains in to living textiles.

Light is constantly in motion, and my work visualises the poetry of this motion. By placing my curtains in a surrounding, they will start to influence the atmosphere of the place. I want to create astonishment and consciousness amoungst people in the same way that it does to me. The ambience of light changes
a room in such a decisive way that it will influence our mental state of being. Here for the curtains are suitable within a private environment, as well as a public space.