Disentangled is a one-size-fts-all accessoiry collection.


The Caps are made of EVA Foam (most common from slippers) and inspired by the metal bending engineering industry. The technique that is used to create the Disentangled series, usually acts for bending stiff and hard materials like metal, to create a spatial structure.


The collection is developed by making incisions in to the material. This makes it possible for the caps to bend and stretch into 3dimensional shapes. The caps are produced by using a lasercutter, to give it all of the incisions needed to created all kinds of voluminous shapes.


The Caps are available in 4 different models. The color options variate in white, black, navy, cobalt and sand.

Photography: Charlona Teerlink 

Model: Francka van eeten
Styling: Saron van de Laar
Muah: Lara Larissa
Sportswear: Deblonsports
Caps: Suzan Marijnissen